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Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends
Free mini-course based on the best selling book
by Neale Donald Walsch

John SelbyHome WITH God: In a Life That Never Ends is the latest, and the final, CwG dialogue. It looks deeply at the most important aspects of life by exploring deeply its most misunderstood process: death and dying. This mystical text describes what occurs in the moments following our departure from physicality, the journey of the Soul through its merging with The Essence, and the miracle of re-emergence, when the Unified Soul becomes once again a Singular Expression of Divinity, carrying the same identity it held at death, but with an Expanded Awareness that produces the experience of what humans call "heaven," "paradise," "nirvana," or "bliss."

Wrapped in the replies to these inquiries are enormous implications for every human being. Would we live our lives any differently if we actually had those answers? Would we be less afraid to live as we were always intended to live—fearlessly and lovefully—if we were less afraid to die? HOME WITH God declares that the answer is yes.


HOME WITH GOD will bring to its readers gentle comfort and a deep awareness of the glory and the wonder of life---a life that never ends. It is as much about the here and now as it is about the hereafter, for, as the book itself declares, when you unravel the deepest mysteries about death, you unravel the deepest mysteries about life.

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