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Neale Donald Walsch
Living Your Purpose
Home with God

Lori Rekowski
7 Insights.

Ray Dodd

Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D.
The Next 50 Years

DavidPaul & Candace Doyle
10 Steps to Communicating
with Your Source

Lynn Grabhorn
Excuse me You Life
is Waiting

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Since a large segment of today's market is now derived online, it makes sense to create a product that is computer accessible for our authors prospective clients, you the public who are reading this text now. Since the material in the book is already in existentance, we provide an opportunity for authors to expand their readership base, by creating a complimentary products from their original work.

In the process we create a win-win situation for the public at large and the author. The public get benefit from quality online mini-courses that represent the larger work of an author. From this experience they can make an informed decision concerning the purchase of a larger online course or a purchase of the authors book. The author gains from the exposure to a larger audience.

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