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This Month's We are Featuring the Free Mini-Course

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The Power of You Online Course.


This just released course offers you ten spiritual lessons that activate your true inner power. Each lesson focuses on a specific aspect of a "spiritual muscle" that changes the way you see things, the way you experience things, and the way you do things. Put together, the lessons deepen your capacity to relate to life unconditionally from the fullness of your being and strengthen your ability to be anchored in the light of your true nature.

Each lesson invites you to take an inner action that requires intention and discipline. Each day there is a short powerful video that outlines the specific lesson, followed by a Daily Declaration to be repeated throughout the day, a Call to Action, and a Self-Reflection Exercise.

The course is our gift to you for this holiday season - no strings attached. To sign-up and gain access to the course click the image below.

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where you can view, print and share beautiful sayings in
high-resolution images.

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One of the oldest forms of recorded spiritual teachings is the Sutra of ancient India. I like to refer to Sutras as ‘spiritual nuggets’ - powerful pointers to the truth that don’t engage the thinking mind more than is absolutely necessary. All inspired writings contain these spiritual nuggets that can be mined and valued.

The purpose of this site is to offer powerful Sutras set in beautiful artwork - for your consideration, contemplation and embodiment. These Sutras have emerged from a deep state of consciousness often called Oneness, Stillness or Silence, and carry the power to return you to the essence of your being. As a member of the site you’ll be able to print a high-resolution image of a spiritual nugget and place it where you’ll see it often (refrigerator, mirror, picture frame, etc) to regularly remind you of its wisdom. You can also email a nugget to a friend or loved one so they can view, print and share it with their friends and family.

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